Monday, 30 June 2014

Basic Manicure & Hand massage

I started my Hair & Beauty Course early this year and unfortunately it has come to an end now.  I thought I would share Basic Manicure & Hand Massage in case it is of interest to anyone or helps someone thinking of starting the course.

There are some different ways to carry this out - but this one was what I was shown.

Basic Manicure & Hand massage

How to carry out a basic manicure
 1.       Check the hands for any contra-indications/ask the client if any skin issues – record details on plan.
2.       Cleanse the hands/remove nail enamel
3.       File the nails into a flattering shape
4.       Apply cuticle oil to the cuticle area- with tipped orange stick, cotton rolled on tip & lightly wet - in circular movements remove & push back slightly the cuticles –(first hand)
5.       Buff the nails lightly using a three way buffer
6.       Place the hand in a bowl of warm water and start the file/cuticle oil & buffer process on second hand, remove any excess cuticle remover from hands with damp cotton pad/brush
7.       Remove first hand from soak/bowl & dry, place second hand into soak – perform same process on second hand
8.       Add a scrub to hands if desired, rinse off then perform the hand massage, one hand at a time (details below).
9.       Remove and excess cream/oil off nail bed & now nails are ready for enamel, use a 3 stroke process on all the nails on both hands – (base coat, nail enamel then a top coat).

Carrying out a Hand massage.
 1.       Apply sufficient massage cream/oil rub both your hands together and spread the product evenly.
2.       Using the palm apply three effleurage strokes to outer part of lower arm & hand then repeat to inner part.
3.       Using both thumbs in a circular movements work slowly from the elbow towards the wrist/ use same motion on inner palm thumb areas of hands – turn the hand over, use your thumbs to apply deep circular kneading motions across the whole palm area, paying particular attention to the base of thumb.
4.       Support the hand, add corkscrew motions on fingers. Then start with smallest finger and gently rotate each finger twice in each direction, finish with slight pull and sliding motion of the end of each finger.
5.       Finish off with three effleurage strokes to each aspect of the lower arm and hand.

Hope you enjoyed the read, have a go - pamper yourself! 
Please leave any comments, I love reading them all xx


  1. This was really helpful, thank you! I have wanted to try this out myself for ages! xx

  2. Thanks for popping over, glad you enjoyed it :) xx

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    1. Hi thanks for visiting, yes I will go check out your blog now :) xx


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