Thursday, 31 October 2013

Boots/Superdrug Haul - Autumn Makeup

As all the makeup products are on 3 for 2 at Boots and Superdrug I went a little crazy and brought a few goodies to update my makeup bag (as if I don't have enough makeup, yeah right ha ha).

3 for 2 at Boots
3 for 2 at Superdrug

                       S&G Lipstick Pom Pom - Kate Matt 107 - Rimmel Moisture Renew in 306 - Sleek in Vixen
                                                       (Left to right)  - Rimmel Apocalips - Eclipse (below)

The got another Soap & Glory Lipstick this time in the matt range, as I loved the last one I purchased, I got the shade pom pom - (Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat Matte Lipstick) this time, the matt range has 3 shades as choice (not many eh?).

                                                                      S&G - Sleek - Rimmel Moisture Renew - Kate Matt
Rimmel Moisture Renew - As you want Victoria 306 - I have already reviewed these babies - I love this shade for night's out - not that I have many any more :(  Review here.

Rimmel Kate Lipstick - No 107 - I didn't think this shade would suit me as normally I would steer clear from deep shades - to my surprise this looks amazing on, felt moisturising yet matt on lips, so lovely.
                                                                                Rimmel Apocalips - in Eclipse
Rimmel Apocalips in Eclipse  - These are really glossy, be careful not to get this all over your mouth, a little goes a long way - extremely pigmented and glossy please be warned, I have many colours...I highly recommend these lip lacquers, love them.

As you can tell by now, I'm a bit of a lip junkie.
                                                                  Sleek Blush in Pomegranate - Sleek Lipstick in Vixen

Sleek Makeup - with so many reviews on the Blush I had to pick one up to try, much to my surprise on how cheap this is - such a stunning shade range and so so so... pigmented.  I got Pomegranate, this one is matt with tiny specks of shimmer but you can't notice the shimmer much.

Sleek Lipstick - Vixen - Again really pigmented, orange based red - this shade is part of the sheen range, lasts on lips, keeps them soft and smooth and I love a red lip in the winter.

I went into Boots and Superdrug for toiletries and I came out with bags of makeup, I really need to stop buying,

I have so much stuff I don't use -shame to waste it, I was thinking of doing a giveaway some of the stash I don't use - If this is something of interest please leave me a message and let me know and I will sort out my stash of makeup.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Soap & Glory Makeup

After reading up some reviews on this makeup line I decided to try some for myself.  It is available at Boots Online and Instore, not seen it anywhere else yet. 

I picked a few items up from my Local Boots Store.

Buy Online here: Soap & Glory Cosmetics On 3 for 2 at present.

The Makeup items I purchased 

No swatch of the concealer (but you can see the product inside) as I still have one to use up.  It has an under eye brightener, concealer & setting powder with mini powder puff - I will update you and let you know how I get on with it. Reviews can be found on MakeupAlley.  You can also find reviews on blogs and the Boots website.

Onto the Cheek and Lip Stain:
I really do love this one, I like multi purpose items especially when your in a rush and have no time, I have used this on both lips and cheeks, just dab on cheeks otherwise its hard to blend.  On the lips it gives a just bitten on berries tint, its not a long lasting product for the lips but lasted around 6-8hrs on my cheeks with little fade.  This one is always in my bag.

Cheek and Lip Stain (above left)  - Lipstick In Guavarama
Gloss Stick in Fushia-Ristic (below left)
The Gloss Stick is the crayon style that are around similar to the Chubby Sticks and Revlon Balm Stains however this is not a Stain, its a Gloss, comes on Sheer and can be layered, leaves a hint of colour, so glossy though, I personally love these and will be picking up more, at £8.00 they are reasonable price wise.

The lipstick, leaves my lips feeling soft, the creamy texture is lovely.  I see a must return to store reasons coming up!  The colour range was not great so I found it difficult to pick a shade that may suit me.  I wish I had picked up Perfect Day as that is most raved/loved via reviews on the boots website. However, the Shade I picked is lovely for the Autumn/darker months so I will enjoy it, its long lasting on me, I seem to lick my lips a lot so staying power is never fab for me.

I would also like to try Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot - Reviews for The Best Blot Powder -

I hope you enjoyed my little insight to some of the products and I hope the pictures helped.
If you have any suggestions on what I should try and will love please let me know.  

Which products from this line have you tried?

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Asian/Korean Makeup Haul

I could not wait any longer to bring this little Asian/Korea Makeup Haul, so here it is......

Holika Holika: Wonder Drawing - 24hr Auto Eyebrow
Holika Holika: Heartful Silky Lipstick - SPK104 Vivala Pink
Holika Holika: Pro: Beauty Tinted Rouge - Pink Diva
Etude House: Fresh Cherry Tint - PK002
It's Skin -Babyface Jelly Tint -(No.1 Tomato red)
It's Skin - Babyface Magic Tint Bar -01 (lip balm)
Tony Moly - Kiss Lover Live Tint - Live Pink 01
Liolele L'cret Magic Lipstick SPF 14 Lipstick - 02 Elegant Purple 

This Haul is mainly of my first love, Lip Products. 

I love lip-stains, hate having to reapply lipstick even though I am a lipstick lover.  I do like my lipstick/lipstain to last throughout the day. 

As I don't like the drying feeling that some lipstains leave I thought I would try out some Asian/Korean Makeup.  I have ended up re-purchasing some products after my first batch of goods arrived a few months back. 

These goodies come in the cutest packaging, the staying power is not too bad either & didn't dry my lips out, dry lips is a huge no no for me. 

Onto the products:

I picked up an eyebrow pencil too, its my second one, lasts all day and is waterproof. (went swimming in this). *Holika Holika* Wonder Drawing 24HR Auto Eyebrow

Sorry about the lighting in these pictures, its been raining all night and again this morning, it was all sooo dull outside, lovely sunny UK, (always raining).

Along with my order I received some samples - great for travel.

This Lioele Magic Lipstick is a colour changing lipstick, changes colour on contact with skin, mine was a Nude Pink shade, not sure how it will show up on others, something to do with chemical balance.  I love the packaging on this, looks and feels amazing.

The It's Skin - Brand (left in below picture) - this left a lovely faint tint on my lips, but can be layered for more coverage, I prefer it natural, your lips but better shade style.  The Babyface Lipbalm next to the tint was so moisturising, reminds me a little of the Maybelline Baby Lips
Its' Skin - Babyface Products (Left) - The Etude House Tint - (right) - This comes on Sheer too, leaving a just bitten stain, but can also be layered, cute baby pink shade in picture.

[Holika] PRO: Beauty Tinted Rouge 5g
This is my Fave from them all, really pigmented vibrant shade, I love bright colours on lips.  This can be worn as a light tint or with a layered effect, comes out beautiful.

The TONYMOLY KISS LOVER LIVE TINT NO.1 Live Pink / 9g  - leaves a just bitten on berries effect on lips.  Cute but not so long lasting ........ (Far Left - in first picture)

Asleep yet? Ha ha ...... Well on to my lovely cute little tiny lipstick now.
*Holika Holika* Heartful Silky Lipstick 3.8g  
How can anyone not love this tiny 3.8g mini lipstick?  I will be going back for more as I just adore the packaging, a handbag must have, looks so cute in any purse/handbag/clutch. This is a beautiful moisturising lipstick, lasts on the lips, pigmented hot pink shade with a hint of coral, don't you love a coral lip or two? 

Well I think that is my lot! I hope i didn't bore too much..... please do share your Asian/Korean Makeup pictures, I would love to see them. 

Please can anyone advise on a Lasting Lipstain? I am still on the lookout for a long lasting moisturising stain.

Ebay Seller whom I love to use: F2plus1
If anyone knows of other places I can purchase these products, please do let me know.



Friday, 11 October 2013

Clarins All About Lips Gift Set

As I have a serious Lipstick Addiction I could not pass up this cute little Set. 
Not tried any Clarins Makeup before, but I must say, I am really pleased. 

Unfortunately you cannot try before you buy with this set, it comes in a sealed box, all complete with the below goodies.

The Clarins All About Lips gift set contains:
- Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in 13 Woodrose 1.5g
- Clarins Gloss Prodige in 04 Candy 2.5ml
- Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 02 Peach Nectar 7ml
- Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 01 Rose Shimmer 5ml

I picked mine up in Boots £18.00 - but they can be purchased online but with Shipping Costs, Boo to that I say, hopefully you can still find this in Boots.

Link to Debenhams: Clarins All About Lips Gift Set

Anyway here are the pics:
I hope these pictures help you decide if you wish to buy, I know I'm so glad I did.  The lipstick is sooo.... cute, its adorable. This set also comes with a Cream Little Makeup Bag.

I know these adorable lip goodies will be looked after by me, I didn't even want to use them, too cute, oh I'm in love!

Hope you like them as much as me.  Please let me know your experience with them.

Upcoming Post: Asian/Korea Makeup Haul.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

New Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

These have not long been released, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  There are more new shades added as well as the old shade range, however the packaging is a little like the Color Sensational By Maybelline

I picked up 2 of The Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks - I got No:705 Let's Get Naked, which is a gorgeous nude shade, with a hint of muted pink.

I also purchased No:660 In Love with Ginger - this one is a lovely deep, orange reddish coral, not sure how to explain the shade, its just awesome.

                                                                       (705-Let's Get Naked - 660-In Love with Ginger)

Superdrug had Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara Free with a Purchase of £10.00 so I couldn't resist.

Link: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - They are on 3 for 2 at the moment.

Well my view on these - They come on really smooth and hydrate the lips.  So if like me you like a moisturising lipstick try theses out.

What colours have you tried? what are your thoughts on theses?

-------Upcoming Post - Clarins All about Lips Gift Set--------

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

MUA Matte Lipstick

MakeUp Academy - Matte Lipstick Range

As I was wandering around Superdrug I came across the New MUA Matte Lipstick Range.  Most of the colours were sold out, but lucky me, I managed to grab these 2 cute colours.
                                                                           (Left-Wild Berry - Right-Scarlet Siren)
The texture of these is really smooth despite being a Matte Range, they remind me a little of the Moisture Renew Rimmel ones, on which I have a review coming up.

                                                                   (Above Swatch -Wild Berry - Below -Scarlet Siren)

The Wild Berry Shade comes on Sheer considering its marketed as a Matte, however it is buildable.
The Scarlet Siren Shade - My Favourite, I can't wait for the Winter Months, I love a Red Lip in Winter - stunning, this one does come on Matte.

For Just £1.00 these are a steal, you really can't go wrong with some of the MUA Make Up Items.

MUA Website - MUA Matte Range
Superdrug -MUA Range

Have you tried them yet?

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