Sunday, 8 February 2015

Concealer tests complete

Sorry I have not been around for a while but sometimes life gets in the way of everything.

This is an update from a post I did a while back - yes that massive Concealer haul if you read that post then you will know that along with lipstick hoarding I tend to always look for the next best thing when it comes to a concealer or two.....

What I picked up
Too Faced - Absolutely Flawless Concealer - link here
Laura Mercier - Secret Concealer - link here 
Dermablend Corrective Stick - link here
Revlon Colorstay Concealer - link here
Wild about Beauty Smooth Cover Concealer Kit - link here 
Jemma Kidd -Colour match Concealer Duo- discontinued but grabbed on Ebay 
CK Endless Light Brightening Concealer  - also on Ebay

After testing these my thoughts have changed about a few of them.

The Jemma Kidd concealer dried out quickly and changed texture so this one was a miss in the end, I liked it when I first tried it.

Revlon Colorstay was one that Lily Pebbles raved about on her blog, I fell for it, yes I'm bad like that, I ended up hating the thin consistency on this as after using others - I found it just blah...

Wild about Beauty was one I stated using more, loved the setting powder it came with - I now purchased a back up, comes on smooth, no creasing and best of all it came with a fab setting powder.

And the Laura Mercier concealer has become a HD, although this is a tricky one to apply - but once you get the hang of adding a setting powder it stays in place without moving around, I only use it under my eyes.

I am still loving the Dermablend and Too Faced concealer.

The CK concealer was okay nothing to write about though, so not a lot to report apart from that is now in the bin.

What is your "go to" concealer I would love to know?

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