Thursday, 18 June 2015

DIY Lipstick Palette

Before you decide to throw out all the unloved lipsticks that are left in drawers and handbags hiding away - Create a mix & match DIY Lipstick Palette.

Being a lipstick hoarder I often buy before I try and find I either never use them or not sure the shade is quite me - this way I can mix the colours to costom a shade that suits.

Here's how and what you need!

1. Lipstick Palettes 
2. Baby Wipes
3. A Candle 
4. Tablespoon
5. Toilet Tissue 
6. A Knife (handle with care)
7. Tea towels
8. Lipsticks 

Line the suface you are working on with tea towels.

Chop a small amount of the lipstick and place into the Tablespoon - melt over the lit Candle until liquid like.

Pour the liquid into one or two palette slots - then wipe the spoon clean with tissue and wipes (careful it will be hot) this bit can be very messy - minus the holder (bin it or keep).

Repeat the process with all the lipsticks.

There you have it, brand new lipsticks to play with.

Eliminate Lipstick Waste - Hope you get to try it out!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bobbi Brown Beauty

Who doesn't love some Bobbi Brown goodies.....

I really do love a good cream blush in the spring/summer, well having dry skin its difficult to find something that will not highlight the dry patches...not a good look.  Well this baby, what can I say!

My New Spring/Summer go to blush..... I am in love.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks - Calypso Coral
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks - Calypso Coral
I heard so much about this little beauty, the reviews on the Bobbi Brown website talked me into it, I owned this before but could not find it with my beauty hoarding ways, my stash needs a makeover.

How great for the handbag as the cute little mirror is an added bonus-in my opinion.  Just lovely and creamy for both lips & cheeks, I love multi-tasking products.  As a lip shade it can be a bit dry but nothing I bit of balm would not fix up.

Say tuned for more Bobbi Brown beauty posts.

What are your Bobbi Brown favs?
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