Thursday, 10 September 2015

Make Up Expiry Dates - Throwing out is hard!

Sorry I have not posted for a while - I have no excuse, I just didn't.....

Today we are going on to a discussion which is very dear to me - Make-up expiry dates!

Yes we know make-up has an expiry date, but being crazy about my make up collection makes me reluctant to throw away my much loved and hard earned cash spend on make many times can I say make up in one sentence..phew.

What I am saying is..... Ladies it is time to have a clear out!

Recent stories and reports (link) have stated that we keep our make up for way too long and past it's best before date.  This is a breading ground for bacteria as many of us are keeping make up for as long as 6 years, I am also guilty of this.  I told myself to make sure I have a clear out every 3-6 months and throw out anything I do not use or is expired.

Well how do we know it has expired ? If you check the bottom of your make up there should be a little jar icon be that stating 6, 12, 24 or so months which means the product should be good to go from when first opened until the stated time.
Make up expiry Label
Be sure to check the label and with a maker pen or on a spreadsheet write when first opened, yes I have a spreadsheet because I'm a geek like that ha ha...   This method helps you remember dates of purchase and when first opened and it will help you not to keep that expired make up.

I know we are guilty of spending way too much on make up and yes we do not need all that make up but this post is not about anything negative, it is just to make sure you are being safe with make up and using it at its best! 

From this image taken a while ago - I started off with writing on the back of my make up the month/year I opened/purchased it but I find my new spreadsheet method works better.

You can check your cosmetics expiry dates (Here) -

I have linked details of some great blog posts which list dates on "when to bin".  Be safe and enjoy your make-up!

Are you guilty of keeping your make-up way too long?  I would love to hear all your thoughts on the subject.



  1. I am definitely guilty of keeping old makeup.. But with the amount of products that I own, there's just no way that I can go through something before it expires! That was an amazing post though, it's inspired me to take a look at my collection and get rid of a few old products :)
    Love your blog, new follower! x


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